Visit of the Head of Class IIA Wirogunan Penitentiary and his staff to the Department of Psychology at FIPP UNY for the Initiation of Cooperation.

On Thursday (18/01/2024) at 2 PM - 4.30 PM, the Department of Psychology at FIPP UNY welcomed Mr. Soedarto, the Head of Class IIA Wirogunan Penitentiary, along with several of his staff. Among them were the Head of Detention Service Section, Head of Health Section, Head of Program Section, nurses, and KKR staff. The visit was received by the Chair of the Psychology Department at FIPP, Dr. Rosita EK, M.Si, the Secretary of the Department, Dr. Kartika Nur Fathiyah, M.Si, the Head of the Psychology Master's Program, Prof. Dr. Farida Sgus Setiawati, M.Si, and several psychology lecturers from FIPP UNY.

The meeting between the Class IIA Wirogunan Penitentiary team and the FIPP UNY Psychology Department team was intended to discuss the initiation of cooperation between the two entities. Various issues within the penitentiary were addressed, including mental health problems among inmates, the suboptimal competence of staff in providing services to detainees, especially psychological services, and other related issues. The Psychology Department presented various resources that could be optimized to help address these problems through research activities, community service, student internships, and other initiatives.

The meeting resulted in several agreements, including plans for collaboration between both parties that will be followed up with the signing of cooperation documents, such as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Implementation Agreement (IA). The initial meeting is planned to be followed by subsequent meetings to implement the discussed agreements.