Visiting Professor: Current Issues on Educational Psychology

Yogyakarta, 16/05/2023- Psychology Study Program of Yogyakarta State University (UNY) held a Visiting Professor event on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The event began at 08.30 WIB in Abdullah Sigit Hall FIPP UNY and was attended by more than 100 Psychology students.

This event was presented by Prof. David Evans, Ph.D., from the University of Sydney who is a Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education. The event was also moderated by Rizqy Cahyo Utomo, M.Psi. who is a UNY Psychology Lecturer. The event began with the reading of the CV of Prof. David Evans, Ph.D., and continued with the presentation of the material.

The presentation of material from Prof. David Evans, Ph.D. began with the many cases in the field of Educational Psychology that have not been read. The speaker explained that the function of Educational Psychology scientists can understand the teaching process in schools. He said that a measuring instrument has not been created that is used to measure human intelligence as a whole. For example, the IST only measures 9 human intelligences.

The speaker also explained how teaching happens in the classroom. He said that in the classroom it is like there is no teacher and described that many educators are not in class or easy language is only a formality to teach. It must be emphasized that educators must be able to increase the motivation of their students and educators should also not be a lot of concepts rather than examples. 

In addition to the things mentioned, there are still many other things discussed by the speakers, such as the human thinking process juxtaposed with AI, then the curriculum must be improved by involving practitioners from the field of Educational Psychology. This is certainly a hot discussion in the latest issues in the field of educational psychology.